July 16, 2020

Solutions For Data Security In The Cloud


With a growing adoption of cloud computing technologies, security issues have become a real concern for businesses. Taking into account the unique nature of these problems, from the beginning of the implementation plan, is the guarantor of a permanent investment. This course provides you with deep and practical experience in identifying and resolving public and private cloud (cloud) security issues.

To protect sensitive data and maintain compliance, you need to address specific cyber security challenges inherent in moving to a cloud environment. This cloud training gives you the hands-on experience to identify and resolve these security issues specific to the public and private cloud.

This course is for anyone involved in the areas of cloud computing security. System administrators, web developers, software developers, network administrators, and those who evaluate cloud implementation for their business will benefit from this training.

This training uses several Amazon Web services and also briefly introduces Google App Engine. However, as this training focuses on securing cloud data, the knowledge here is applicable to all products.

Data Protection for the Cloud

Cloud and virtualization give you the agility and efficiency you need to instantly deploy new services and expand your infrastructure. Unfortunately, the lack of physical control or well-defined entry and exit points raises a host of questions around data security in the cloud. Here are some examples of topics: data mixing, user abuse of their rights, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, national regulatory requirements, super-admin rights in the cloud, and so on.

Fortunately, Gemalto’s award-winning two-factor authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management solutions can make any Cloud environment more reliable and compliant. They offer a response to the challenges of regulating, controlling, and owning data, no matter where you store it.

The challenges of data security in the cloud we answer:

Data replication and lack of visibility

Every day, or even every hour, a large number of snapshots and backups are automatically stored in the cloud. Do you know where they are stored, or who has the right to move and copy them? Can you track the illegal copies of the data?

New class of privileged users

Virtualization and Cloud Computing require cooperation among security, storage, server, application and cloud security administrators who all have access to your most sensitive data. With so many people involved, the chances of failing a security audit or being a victim of a malicious administrator increase exponentially.

Loss of data following a theft

It only takes a few minutes for a disgruntled employee to load a complete virtual machine onto a USB stick. It is very easy to lose or endanger virtual data as it moves between virtual machines or in the cloud. Can you prove that authorized users access your data according to the defined policies? Can you prohibit access to compromised information?

The security of public cloud environments

Identity and data protection solutions from SafeNet help organizations that want to use public Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and VMware public cloud environments as well as applications developed on the Cloud Foundry platform.

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