October 26, 2020

Papers, The Cloud: Write Or Store?

With the evolution of technology, the means of storing data and files have also evolved. If before we used tapes, film or simple paper for data storage, then floppy disks and CDs, today USB flash drives have become fashionable. But now comes the new system of online storage of files, called the cloud, or French cloud. The question arises as to whether this new technology will in turn supplant the USB keys, which are capable of receiving a data volume of 256 GB.

At one time, writings have been preserved to serve as a database for future generations. But scientists have found it difficult, if not almost impossible to read their content after several years. Then the creation of computers revolutionized this memory storage. Thus, various means have been made available to users to store and transport their data: floppy disks, cd, internal and external hard drives, and USB keys. These are data storage tools that use flash memory. They can be connected to a computer, a DVD player, a TV or a Hi-Fi system for playback.

3 USB sticks with exponential performances  !!

USB key manufacturers have developed increasingly powerful keys as their ability to store data increases. Indeed, the capacity to store data from USB sticks has reached and exceeded 120 GB. Thus, administrative papers, personal documents, music, photos or videos can be stored there as long as they are digitized. In addition to this ability, they offer absolute security for the user. The latter can erase his data as many times as he wants. Easy to carry with their size, the USB key can slip into the pocket, in a bag or be attached to a key ring when moving.

It’s a way to always keep your personal documents safe and secure. Only be careful not to lose them or to connect them to a machine infested with viruses, at the risk of losing all data. Because of their small size, you can often forget it and it can be a big inconvenience if the file you urgently need is there.

Does the Cloud sign the renewal of USB keys?

With this technological breakthrough, the big brands have decided to create other means of storage. Hence the creation of the “Cloud”, an online storage and data processing tool. It uses remote servers to store, transfer and even modify files from various locations and various tools such as laptops or smartphones. If you need a particular file, if it’s in your database, you do not have to travel from home or from your office to find it. So just have an internet connection and a password that you have created to access it.

Like any tool, Cloud also has its disadvantages. It only works with an internet connect, otherwise you can not access your folders. The server takes a long time to answer. In addition, users have no control over the stored data. And espionage problems are added to this list

The Cloud is no doubt a powerful storage medium, but the USB key remains the best data storage tool that has a promising future with its great capacity to store data, its ease of use, but above all thanks to the security and the confidentiality it brings.

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