October 26, 2020

More And More Offers Available

Cloud computing brings together various families of uses: the exploitation of online software (Google Gmail or Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Oracle Cloud Office, Orange Cloud Computing, SFR Business Team, etc.), archiving data, computing power or development environments, and collaboration through shared workspaces and synchronous communication tools (available from Amazon, Google, or Salesforce.com). All fields of activity are now concerned, even if the CRM, the collaborative applications and the storage of data arouse even more the interest of the French companies. “Two or three years ago, data storage represented the bulk of cloud offerings. Today, almost all service offerings are available: CRM software, accounting / ERP solutions, reporting and office management solutions “, observes Christophe Suffys, CEO of Bittle, publisher of cloud reporting solutions.

Going towards a cloud offer, is to answer this question: “Is it better to buy or rent the software and servers of your company?” In the second case, only what is used is paid, principle same cloud. This flexibility of use allows a fast response if the company knows a strong growth. “The flexibility of the cloud model allows managers to anticipate peaks or decreases in activity,” says Hélène Caraux (OVH). “Thanks to user fees, it’s easy to size the scope of your needs,” says Noël Minard, CEO and partner of A2com Resadia (IT editor-trainer). Flexibility is comes with speed of implementation. When acquiring traditional applications, it is common to turn to your IT department, make a procurement request, buy the potential servers, set them up, and then contact the publisher to install the solutions.

In cloud mode, server provisioning and software package installation can be done in a matter of hours. In addition, updates are no longer the responsibility of the user, and load escalations are automated. Similarly, the cloud makes it possible to dispense with the deployment of servers (with different brands) dedicated to each application: CRM, ERP, etc., thus avoiding the explosion of resources, difficult to manage. The question of cost is also a decisive point when moving to cloud computing. In addition to user fees, experts agree that the financial gain is between 20 and 40%. An economy can be even more important. Take the case of a messaging system for a dozen people. Between the purchased of the software, the costs related to the support and the maintenance, it is necessary to count about 5000 Euros HT per year, in license mode. In the cloud, the equivalent is estimated at 750 Euros HT per year.

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