October 26, 2020

My Computer In The Cloud

Preamble: on the road to C2i1 academic certification

This MOOC is part of the MOOC collection “Numerical Skills and C2i”. The first 4 MOOCs of this collection make it possible to train to the skills of the C2i reference level 1 (C2i1). The present MOOC trains all the skills of the D1 domain of this repository: “Work in an evolving digital environment”. At the end of this MOOC you will be able to obtain a free certificate of follow-up of the MOOC.

You aim for the certification of your skills? You will be able to register for a university and national certification, the C2i level 1, and accomplish at the end of this MOOC a step towards the certificate by officially validating the domain D1. Special moments during this MOOC will be dedicated to the preparation for certification of the corresponding field: methodology of elaboration of the digital skills file, methods of certification MCQ and contact to higher education institutions certifying associated with the MOOC. Registration for certification is not free about the course

This MOOC is part of the MOOC collection “Numerical Skills and C2i”. The first 4 MOOCs of this collection open in 2014 and make it possible to train to the C2i level 1 skills.

The day before yesterday, the computer has transformed the way we work individually.

Yesterday, networks have transformed the way we work together.

Internet, then allowed us to access documents, data, regardless of their location.

Today, everything happens in the cloud: wherever we are, from a simple phone, we can communicate, produce, share, collaborate.

All this is possible thanks to efficient techniques, put in place by the giants of the internet. The choices we make for hardware, software and services are not simple and we do not always understand the implications, whether it’s interoperability, security, protecting our data, and more broadly freedom of action. This MOOC’s main objective is to bring you knowledge to enlighten your choices, and basic technical skills to evolve in this complex digital environment.

Format: this MOOC is planned over 7 weeks, and proposes:

Basic on training: videos, multiple choice questions and practical activities, to acquire the essential knowledge and put it into practice simply and directly; an additional optional course: assignments to be conducted solo or in teams, to test your skills in real-life situations and to build up your digital skills record for certification.

At the beginning of this MOOC, you will decide if you just want to train at least, or if you want to invest in the optional course complement. The first week will be devoted to the introduction to the theme of this MOOC and to the discovery of the principles of elaboration of a numerical record of skills that can be valorized in itself (in particular to expand an e-portfolio) and useful to present oneself to the C2i level 1 certification. This will allow you to determine for one or the other option.

Who should attend to?

This course is for people who want to improve their digital skills for personal, professional, or educational purposes.


The prerequisites are those of an intuitive digital practice, without any specific requirement.

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