August 8, 2020

Data Security In Cloud Computing

Businesses and governments are migrating more workloads to the cloud. However, some companies remain insensitive to the considerable strengths of the cloud amid persistent fears about data security in the context of cloud computing. Although their concerns are understandable and rightly implemented, data security in cloud computing can match or surpass the data security of traditional on-premise computing platforms.

Why can data security in cloud computing equal or surpass the data security of traditional IT platforms?

For starters, it’s important to answer the question What is the Cloud? According to the most common Cloud Computing definition, cloud providers make computing resources and applications available to users as a measured service that they can access over the Internet. Cloud services are typically categorized into Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), such as raw processing power or cloud storage.

By its very nature, Cloud Computing requires the user to give some control over to his service provider. But control and security are not synonymous. In fact, data security in cloud computing can be superior to traditional enterprise data centers for the same reasons that have a positive impact on the market as a whole: economies of scale and the division of labor.

How Akamai helps preserve data security in Cloud Computing

Akamai operates the world’s largest web content delivery network (CDN). This network consists of more than 160,000 servers in over 95 countries and broadcasts up to 30% of global Internet traffic. Akamai helps customers (service providers and businesses) deliver Web content and applications to their end users faster and more reliably. Akamai also offers a suite of integrated security solutions within its market-leading CDN. Akamai’s cloud-based security solutions protect against major cyber threats such as DDoS attacks, SQL injection and XSS attacks, as well as some less familiar Internet-based attacks.

Akamai’s security solutions are highly scalable and offer a globally distributed advanced defense line that detects and defeats attacks before they reach your data center. We offer solutions specifically designed for cloud service providers as well as solutions for organizations running applications in public clouds or using their own private cloud.

With a growing adoption of cloud computing technologies, security issues have become a real concern for businesses. Taking into account the unique nature of these problems, from the beginning of the implementation plan, is the guarantor of a permanent investment. This course provides you with deep and practical experience in identifying and resolving public and private cloud (cloud) security issues.

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