October 26, 2020

Cloud Screener Builds On Its Consulting Business To Grow

The French start-up Cloud screener specialized in comparing and measuring the quality of cloud offers has developed a consulting activity. By the end of the year the latter should represent 40% of the company’s business knowing that recruitment will come to strengthen it in 2019.

The French company Cloud Screener led by Anthony Sollinger is getting stronger in cloud computing consulting. Credit. D.R

Offering a cloud comparison service for the past 5 years – and since 2016, as far as the quality of this type of offer is concerned – the French start-up Cloud screener has been expanding its business into consulting to develop better. “When we created the company, we were not in the business of consulting companies, but only proposing tools,” said Anthony Sollinger, co-founder and CEO of Cloud screener. “We managed to launch a consulting offer by recruiting 5 dedicated consultants, deployed to customers”.

Far from being alone in the cloud consulting market (Capgemini, Atos, Devoteam …), Cloud screener is putting some strengths to make the difference. “We have implemented a proven methodology designed with Inria on different clouds,” continues Anthony Sollinger. “We are able to run performance tests on machines, look at virtual server behavior, processor speed, RAM, run multiple tests and track them over time.” Among the first customers of Cloud screener’s consulting offer, for example, LVMH is “to see more clearly in their private cloud, analyze the results and compliance of what is delivered by their suppliers to have a better understanding of internal operations and carry out the necessary corrective actions, “says Anthony Sollinger. Among the historical customers of the cloud offering is DINSIC, which runs Cloud screener benchmarks on their Cloudwatt-based public cloud infrastructure to verify that the provider’s quality of service commitments are compliant and consistent  required.

Already 12 customers for cloud consulting missions

“We come with expertise based on profiles of consultants with a technical background and the ability to go to the customer. They are more like juniors with 3 years of experience, “says Anthony Sollinger. The goal of Cloud screener is to make its consulting business one of the pillars of its business. While last year represented a quarter of its business, it is expected to account for 40% of the company’s revenue by the end of the year. Recruitment followed and will continue in 2019 with a projected increase in teams of 50%, bringing the total workforce to a little more than fifteen. “The idea is to make recurring sales with the board,” predicts Antony Sollinger. This seems well started: of the 60 current customers (Docapost, GRDF, Unibail …), 12 have started or already carried out cloud consulting missions with the French start-up.

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