November 26, 2020

Cloud Computing: Which Solutions Favor French Companies?

The need for cloud computing solutions has evolved considerably in France over the last 10 years. While the SaaS model is still in the majority and should remain at the top of the list by 2020, MARKESS analysts note a strong increase in demand for IaaS¹ solutions since 2012. These can cover different needs ranging from online access to storage resources, data backup (including PRA), hosting and / or application execution.

The move to the cloud definitely seduces French companies, but …
French companies are increasingly resorting to hybrid approaches, by combining different forms of cloud between them for their infrastructures.

Be it real-time applications, big data, connected objects, or artificial intelligence, IT decision-makers understand that cloud computing is a great model to support their innovation projects. .

However, 57% of these decision makers believe that the move to the cloud is complicating their approaches to security and data protection, and over 75% say that the RGPD will affect their approaches in this area².
The use of the cloud continues its progression on the French market
While the majority of IT decision-makers believe that their companies still favor SaaS applications, the analysis of needs expressed by 2020 reveals that:

the needs for transverse applications in SaaS mode (messaging, collaboration, content management, electronic signature, analytics …) should pass those emanating from the professions (HR, marketing, sales, customer relations, accounting, purchasing, finance …),
demand for IaaS solutions should be closer to SaaS,
the need for vertical SaaS solutions should almost double, while remaining behind other solutions, perhaps because of their youth on the market (many startups invest in this field in the image of FinTech, AssurTech, BioTech …)

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