October 26, 2020

Cloud Computing: The Advantages Of Computing In The Clouds

Even if the concept of cloud computing is not technologically innovative, the advantages that SMEs can now have are crucial.

If cloud computing – literally called “cloud computing” – has been making progress in the professional world for a year or two, the general public has been using it for a long time … without knowing it. Using the services of a webmail (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) is a cloud activity. The notion of cloud computing represents the action of accessing computer resources stored on the Internet. Access that can be done for free – this is the case of webmail – or subscription, with a guaranteed level of service.

Cloud computing consists of moving, on remote servers, IT processes traditionally located on the user’s computer. On the professional side, the outsourcing of data has an additional notion with the public and private cloud, even “hybrid”. “When we talk about the public cloud, resources are available outside the company via the Internet,” says Régis Louis, senior director of product management, middleware merge, EMEA at Oracle. In the case of a private cloud, the infrastructure works for a single organization. It can be managed by the organization itself (internal private cloud) or by a third party (external private cloud). In the latter case, adds Régis Louis, “the infrastructure is entirely dedicated to the company and accessible via VPN (Virtual Private Network) secure networks. It is even possible to resort to a “hybrid” system, that is to say, a mix of public and private. ”

Globally, research firm IDC estimates that cloud services accounted for 5% of global ICT (information and communication technology) investments in 2009, or $ 17 billion. Stimulated by an average annual growth of 25%, cloud computing would capture 10% of global investments in 2013, or $ 44 billion. On a European scale and according to a study carried out, for the European Commission, by the firm PAC, the market of the cloud computing in the Europe of 27 weighed 4 billion euros in 2009. This amount represented about 1,5% of the total market for software and services, but could grow strongly and reach 13% of the total software and services market by 2015. In France, the firm Markess International estimates the market for hosting and cloud services to € 2.3 billion in 2011. It is expected to reach € 3.3 billion in 2013. “Due to the growing need for mobility services and the growing number of business terminals (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), the future of the cloud is all traced, says Hélène Caraux, private cloud computing project manager at OVH, specialist web hosting. The cloud makes it possible to free itself from the hardware constraint and contributes to the refocusing of the company on its core business. “

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