November 26, 2020

Cheops Technology Unveils A Managed WiFi Offering With Aruba

French IT integrator Cheops Technology has announced Hyper WiFi, a packaged wireless network infrastructure offering based on HPE-Aruba access points. Objective: to accompany the explosion of mobile uses, connected commerce and the Internet of Things.

A little less than a year and a half ago, Cheops Technology teamed up with HPE to launch a hosted cloud infrastructure package called Hyper IaaS. Last Friday, the French IT integrator and the American met in Paris at a press conference to announce the arrival of Hyper WiFi. This is a packaged offer of wireless network infrastructure based on the access points of the equipment manufacturer Aruba, bought by the US giant in 2015 for $ 2.7 billion.

“The challenge is to provide businesses with a robust, reliable and scalable WiFi with advanced management in terms of monitoring and support and taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud,” said Nicolas Leroy-Fleuriot, CEO of Cheops Technology. “Hyper WiFi is more than WiFi,” said Alain Carpentier, vice president of global sales of Aruba-HPE. “We have entered a new field of computing that consists of knowing how to make the edge smart.” With this offer, the two partners hope to meet not only the needs of companies to connect their nomadic workforce, but also support the explosion of uses related to the Internet of Things and in particular connected stores, factories and hospitals.

Standard 802.1X and supported captive portal

Cheops Technology’s Hyper WiFi is based on a network infrastructure technology provided by HPE Aruba, namely physical WiFi and LAN access points that can be controlled by a cloud management platform. The integrator highlights its packaged aspect allowing companies to fully delegate the implementation of this solution, from design phases to integration through deployment through administration. On the security side, Cheops says that Hyper WiFi supports, among other things, the 802.1X standard and captive portals of forcing HTTP clients to go through an authentication web page before accessing the Internet.

This packaged network solution is the first managed service offer offered by HPE-Aruba in France in partnership with Cheops Technology. A similar offering has been launched in other markets including the United States (with AT & T), Mexico (Telmex), Switzerland (Swisscom), Spain (Telefonica) and South America.

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