August 8, 2020

7 Monitoring Solutions For The Public Cloud

AppDynamics, Datadog, Dynatrace, New Relic … A growing number of publishers offer tools to monitor the performance of applications in public cloud mode.

While their information systems have become highly clouded in recent years, businesses need to be able to evaluate the performance of their cloud providers as they have always done with their own infrastructure. The question is even more crucial when it comes to applications hosted in the public cloud. The degradation of the quality of an IaaS or PaaS service or even its unavailability can indeed have very damaging consequences on the activity.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of open source or proprietary monitoring tools to reduce the risk of failure. Here is a selection.

AppDynamics: metrology at the service of business

Acquired last January by Cisco for $ 3.7 billion, AppDynamics is another heavyweight of the APM. Its cloud-based Cloud Application Performance Monitoring offers real-time control of applications deployed on the main IaaS and PaaS platforms, including Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft Azure and Pivotal Cloud. It is cut to describe as visually as possible their performance throughout the computer chain, from the execution of the code to the infrastructure. Via its new App iQ tool, the solution also measures the impact of these performances on the company’s activity (particularly on the volume of transactions). A business position aims to exceed the APM segment, targeting primarily the ISD, to also address the business areas. Rates established on estimate.

Cloudwatch, the watchdog for AWS services

With Cloudwatch, Amazon Web Services has a monitoring service dedicated to applications running at home and related resources (AWS EC2 instances, DynamoDB tables …). It can collect and track metrics, such as latency, but also trigger alarms, manage logs or build dashboards. What is the strength of Cloudwatch is its integration into the ecosystem of Amazon. When a specific EC2 instance exceeds a predefined threshold, for example, it dynamically allows you to delete that instance or, on the contrary, to add a new one, by soliciting AWS auto-sizing mechanisms. A strength that is also its weakness, Cloudwatch remaining confined to a single-cloud approach. As for its fee schedule, it is also a model of complexity. The customer is charged per month based on the number of dashboards used ($ 3 per dashboard), alarms ($ 0.10), queries ($ 0.01 per 1000 requests) and GB manipulated logs ($ 0.50 per GB).

Datadog: natively cloud monitoring

Founded in 2010 by two French people, Datadog is based in the United States where it generates most of its turnover. It includes eBay, Intel and Stripe among its references. Its solution is natively tailored to oversee applications in the cloud environment. It relies on more than 200 connectors to integrate the various services of public cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform …), the most popular SaaS applications (Zendesk, Slack, Jira …) or big data databases and infrastructures (Hadoop, Kafka, Spark …). The product also supports virtual machines and containers. The metrics feedback allows to build interactive dashboards in real time. Datadog recently acquired, a Parisian start-up specializing in application log management. The event analysis will thus complete the APM bricks and the monitoring of its offer. Datadog offers a “pro” version at $ 15 per host per month and a $ 23 “enterprise” version with extended features and premium support.

Dynatrace: full stack monitoring

Acquired in 2011 by Compuware and then by the Thoma Bravo investment fund in 2014, Dynatrace is a historical player in the APM. Repositioned in “digital performance management”, its solution aims to offer a full IT monitoring (or full stack). It covers the entire application chain by monitoring the application itself as well as metrics from “real users”, internal infrastructure and cloud environments. It also supports Docker containers. Dynatrace intends to use artificial intelligence to automate the management of this monitoring and prevent performance problems. His connection with AWS is particularly strong. Since mid-November, Dynatrace has been present in the US cloud marketplace. The publisher can also pilot the monitoring of the new VMware Cloud on AWS hybrid cloud offer – available for the time being only in the United States. In “pay as you go” mode, rates start at $ 0.035 per host per hour.

New Relic: AI in the service of predictive analytics

New Relic is the third APM Grand Champion of this selection. Unlike Dynatrace or AppDynamics, this publisher decided to take the cloud route from its creation in 2008. This SaaS orientation, which makes its solution accessible to the greatest number, would be one of the keys to its current success. Alongside its generic suite (New Relic APM), the company offers modules specifically dedicated to infrastructure monitoring, monitoring of mobile applications and the performance of web browsers. Like Dynatrace, New Relic is advancing full stack coverage to hybrid cloud environments and supporting Docker containers, microservices and serverless environments. And still like Dynatrace, New Relic uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to do predictive analysis and identify previously undetected anomalies. The price of New Relic APM depends on the type of instance chosen.

Unigma, a multicloud approach

Acquired last May by Kaseya, a publisher of IT systems management solutions for outsourcing service providers (MSP), Unigma offers a multicloud monitoring solution. The application is able to monitor the public clouds of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. It is composed of three products. Cloud Manager is the monitoring tool itself. It makes it possible to trace the metrics of the different public clouds and to compare their respective performances. Based on this benchmark, the user can, with a second module called Cloud Cost Optimizer, make adjustments in the allocation of resources between different clouds. Finally, Cloud Billing Manager allows you to edit detailed billing by provider. The prices of these three modules are not public. It should be noted that in May, Kaseya entered into a partnership with Plenium Service Informatique, making this service company its exclusive reseller in France.

Vistara, for hybrid environments

Founded in California in 2014, Vistara offers a general approach to IT resource management, covering both hardware and software IT layers. An approach that allows it to position itself in hybrid environments, with applications that can, within the same organization, be hosted locally or in the cloud. The promise of Vistara is to be able to follow, in a same interface, the performances of the on-premise (or installed on infrastructures internal to the company), virtualized or in the cloud. Using an API, the solution can trace the technical indicators of AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. It also integrates with other monitoring tools like Nagios, New Relic or SolarWinds, or incident managers – such as BCM Remedy, Atlassian (Jira) or ServiceNow. Vistara has recently been referenced by Gartner and 451 Research. Again, the rates are not communicated.

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