August 8, 2020

5 Personal Cloud Solutions At Less Than 200 €

If you start worrying about the amount of your iCloud or Google Drive bills and you do not know how to set up a NAS server, do not panic, there are solutions to create a personal cloud, hosted at home or at a professional, but accessible from any machine connected to the internet. explanations

Long reserved for professionals, cloud computing or “cloud computing” solutions are now accessible to the general public through services offered by the big names of the smartphone (Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive), by companies Specialized (, Dropbox, Hubic / OVH, Gandi, …) or by your operator (Orange Cloud, SFR Cloud, etc …). But these solutions, billed a few euros per month, for a few dozen GB, several tens of euros, for the most generous, can weigh heavily on the bill and it may seem better to create its own cloud solution, by example hosted on a home server.

 The cheapest: the Freebox

It is sometimes forgotten but for a few years Free has been offering a storage space of 250 GB in its Freebox “server”. Once activated, this space can accommodate personal files (photos, videos) that will be shared on your home network but also accessible remotely provided you have made the necessary configurations. The solution is free if you are already subscribed to Free but capped at 250 GB and remain difficult to access from a mobile terminal. To find out more, just go to this

The most classic: My Cloud

As a hard disk champion, Western Digital has also been offering for the last few years its MyCloud range, a connected hard disk, offering for just 160 euros no less than 2 TB of storage. Easy to connect to your box via an ethernet cable, this type of hard drive is mainly used for backing up your computers or smartphones (only photos and videos via Wifi), but also offers remote access to the drive away from home . In addition to storage, WD worked on sharing, with the ability to create different user accounts that can connect to subfolders of the disk. The solution works well even if we are far from the simplicity of synchronization of public cloud providers

The most ambitious: Cozy

Developed by two French, Cozy is an opensource software designed to create its own personal cloud. Rather ambitious since it makes it possible to synchronize contacts, diaries and files between its peripherals and its server, it imposes to install the software Cozy Cloud on a real server and not on a simple hard disk. Cozy apparently discusses with OVH, to propose turnkey servers (for the moment free) having his solution but the more handymen can try to install it on a domestic server like the Rasperry Pi (40 euros) to which it will be necessary to add a storage solution type SD card or external hard drive. To test by downloading the software here

The cheapest: Lima

After three years of R & D and a successful campaign on Kickstarter, the small box Lima will be available for sale on November 25 for 99 euros. Linked to an internet box, Lima can then turn any hard drive into a “connected” hard drive, which allows access to its files from any other computer or from a simple smartphone. All exchanges are encrypted, Lima does not maintain a priori data on its servers and just change the hard drive to increase the capabilities of its “cloud”. On sale from November 25th on

The most secure: Helixee

Also popular on Kickstarter, the startup Novathings also begins marketing Helixee, an even more integrated personal cloud solution than Lima since it includes not only a 1 TB hard drive but also a much more advanced sharing application with a kind from newsfeed. An interface, inspired by Facebook, for example to track files shared by the same members of a family. Fully secured, the case is also complemented by applications for smartphones (iOS and Android), simply retrieving updates (photos, contacts, etc …) of the mobile terminal. The 350 backers having pre-ordered the product will be delivered in the coming weeks. For the others; it will be necessary to order the box on November 23, for 199 euros, and wait for a delivery in June 2016

Sold less than 200 euros, these largely French solutions (freebox, cozy, lima, helixee) will allow you to create a personal cloud without having to assume a monthly fee. The most hackers will also be able to turn to real networked storage / NAS servers (Synology, QNAP, Seagate, …) but the prices quickly break the threshold of 200 euros for the most advanced solutions.

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